Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mid-2014 Check In

Back in 2008, when he was a care-free single man without any responsibilities whatsoever, my father took a Midwest road trip during the entire month of September  as a part of his MLB stadium tour. Using Chicago as his homebase, he drove out to the 3 M's (Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri) visiting Target Field (Twins) in Minneapolis, Tiger Stadium in Detroit, and Busch Stadium (Cardinals) in St. Louis.

Also, for about a week of that trip, he drove through the great state of Ohio, visiting the 3 C's (Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati). And today, as we hit the halfway point in 2014, my father finds himself back in Ohio for a two day work conference in Columbus.

So while he's gone, I thought I'd sneak onto his computer and take a look at all our 2014 travels to date and reminisce a bit.

January - Austin

February - Wisconsin

March - Hong Kong

April - New Orleans

May - Atlanta

June - Israel

So now the question is, what's the plan for the second half of 2014. Well, as of right now, we only have July planned where I'm tagging along with my parents on their 5th Wedding Anniversary trip to Italy and Greece.

After that, it seems we have the rest of the calendar a bit open. Any suggestions for Labor Day Weekend?

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