Monday, July 28, 2014

Westin Costa Navarino - Breakfast Buffet

When we checked in, my father was given a letter inviting us to breakfast. According to the notice, Starwood Platinum elite members were asked to have their breakfasts at the Omega instead of the standard Morias restaurant. A bit of context is required first though:

1. Most room rates at the Westin CN already include breakfast.
2. However, since we booked the room using Starwood SPG points, our room did not include breakfast.
3. But since we were SPG Platinum members, we did receive complimentary breakfast.

A bit confusing, I know, but the punchline is that we got to eat a decadent breakfast buffet for free each morning of our stay at a smaller more intimate venue than everyone else.

Now, from the TripAdvisor and Flyertalk reviews, prior travelers mentioned how crowded and chaotic the regular breakfasts were given that it was included for every guest at the hotel. We were actually dreading this fiasco, so we were exceptionally thrilled to receive this letter offering a more reserved setting.

Our first morning, we were truly welcomed by the exceptionally congenial host who made me feel like the most important 2.5 year old that ever graced his restaurant. And the seating set up and buffet spread didn't disappoint either. We were able to sit in what looked like a Greek vineyard with more than enough staff to accommodate the morning rush.

Then when you walked inside where the buffet spread was set up, it just made your head spin, including so many choices of yogurts, puddings and parfaits.

Look at all the options for local figs and dried fruit. And 4 different types of the most amazing honey. The local Greek options really made this buffet stand out.


But my parents' favorite item was the Dako Station. We had no idea what dako was until we read the note explaining how to make it. My father explained it to me as "Greek version of bruschetta" which was good enough for me. First, you take the hard barley rusk and quickly soak it in water. Then you top it with crushed tomatoes, feta cheese and drown it in olive oil. Capers, onions, olive paste and other toppings are optional.

While my parents tried about everything in that buffet spread over the 5 mornings of our stay, I stuck with my Greek yogurt doused in honey. A girl's gotta watch her figure!

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