Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Travel Plans

Apologies about not posting very much the past few months. We've actually been pretty busy as a family.

My father's been working a lot on a few different fronts, including his actual day job, the painting business (Five Star Painting IL) and his charity's big fundraiser coming up in April.

My mother's been taking some extra classes to improve her English reading and writing.

And I've been busy getting ready for the next 13 years of actual school.

But while we've been staying off the LCD Blog, we have been pretty active on Starwood's and United's websites. For the next few weeks, we've got some trips planned, including:

(1) Chicago Business Trip - We're going to visit my friends Jack & Connor while our fathers meet up for their business meetings over Easter Weekend. I'm very excited to see my Midwest besties. I haven't seen them for a few months when we were all down in Orlando.

(2) Toddler Spring Break - After the college and high school spring breaks finish up, Cancun goes back to "normal," and my family can enjoy the powdery sugar beaches and turquoise blue ocean. People always seem to make a funny face when my parents tell them we go to Cancun. Perhaps it's because Cancun has a trashy reputation for being a Girls Gone Wild/Spring Break cliché, but it's just so close and convenient. We much prefer it over the Caribbean islands. I haven't been since December 2012 when my father's side of the family all went down for Christmas. Wow, #TBT indeed.

(3) Daddy's Birthday Baseball Trip - As you long time readers know, we go away each Memorial Day Weekend for my father's birthday to a different MLB town and tick off a new stadium off his list. Last year, we were down in Atlanta to catch a Braves game. This year, we're heading to Kansas City to visit the defending AL Champion Royals at Kauffman Stadium. And it looks to be a great weekend, because they're playing their in-state rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals.