Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exploring the Resort by Segway

One of the benefits of being at a large resort property like the Westin CN with flat walkways is that you can segway all over the place. Now, you have to reserve and rent these segways for about €30/person for a 3 hour session, but my parents don't often get to do activities like this with a 2.5 year old toddler, so they took advantage.

They called at 9AM the morning of to confirm the segways were available. They said there were plenty and that we could just walk in when we were ready.

Of course, when we arrived after breakfast at 11AM, they were all out. My father asked them why they didn't tell him to make a formal reservation when he called earlier, but they just stared back they were asked the square root of 625 (it's 25 by the way).

So my parents made a formal reservation for the next morning at 11AM. My father had tried one years before when he was in San Diego, but it was my mother's first time on one. Fortunately, the machines are pretty simple to learn, and they really can't go that fast. After a quick tutorial, she was on her way!

The nerdy lovely couple on segways.

They finally realized that no one would really care if they took off their helmets.

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