Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Day In Rome

After visiting the Vatican Museum and the San Pietro Basilica on Saturday, then the Coliseum and Forum on Sunday, we decided to take it easy on Monday and just walk around pretty aimlessly to simply enjoy Rome.

Upon waking up and finishing our breakfast, we first took the bus from our hotel heading towards the Pantheon around 2.5 kilometers southwest.

We were able to walk inside and look at how the different layers of history took it's hold on the structure. First a temple for Roman gods, then converted to a Catholic church, the Pantheon is one of the best preserved ancient structures in all of Rome.

From there, we had an amazing lunch at Armando al Pantheon right around the corner. Then we meandered west towards Piazza Navona, the famous large square with a beautiful fountain and a Roman obelisk. Around the Piazza were countless little restaurants and cafes catering to all the tourists. I managed to convince my father to overpay for a 5 scoop ice cream sundae so that we could sit back and enjoy people watching in such a beautiful locale.


From there, we walked north across the Tiber River to the other bank. After a short excursion on the left bank, we crossed the river again to find a nice little local Italian deli where we ordered a delicious panini.

From there, we head further north to the Piazza del Popolo, with yet another obelisk. Romans sure love their obelisks.


We then decided to walk further to the Spanish Steps instead of taking the Metro. I found a nice little side street near the famous Via dei Condotti where you find all the luxury brand retailers in Rome.

But more important than designer handbags and shoes, I found a street performer who was allowing us kids to make huge soap bubbles in the piazza at the bottom of the Spanish Steps. As you can see, I'm quite the natural.

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