Monday, July 28, 2014

Eating in Greece - Elia

If you drive south on the main road from the Westin, you'll eventually come to a sharp turn that looks like this. I would encourage you to be a bit adventurous and continue straight down the cobbled stone street. There you will find the small village of Gialova.

Gialova can easily be missed, but it's such a pleasant little place to stop and enjoy the fact you're in a beautiful coastal town along the Ionian Sea.

Parking can be tough since there's not a lot of real estate before you hit the water, but there is a long pier that has street parking. Just be careful backing up since there are no guard rails to protect you from falling over. But from that pier, you get a nice view of the village (which is basically just one street long).

We had been given a tip about having a meal or two at Elia, one of the several restaurants you will find along the road.

Like many of the other restaurants in the region, they had a nice shaded outdoor seating area that overlooked the water. We didn't have a reservation, but it was about 2PM so we were able to be seated immediately.

In typical fashion, my father over-ordered just so that he could sample several different things on the menu.

While simple, the food was amazing. At Elia, my parents had the best tzatziki they've ever had.

A nice taste of some grilled local Greek cheese with fresh tomatoes and pita.

A starter of grilled sardines.

Some of the most flavorful souvlaki we had during our entire time Greece.

And some perfectly prepared calamari.

We simply loved our meal there that we actually came back later that night for dinner as well. Thinking ahead, my father made sure to make an 8PM reservation. That was huge because when we arrived, all the tables were full, except for a nice waterside table with a "Reserved" sign on it.

 My father ordered his new favorite Greek food, dako - which was delicious.

My mother ordered an anchovy starter...

...and my father another starter of Villager's Potatoes.

My parents shared a seafood spaghetti. Delicious!

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