Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Looking Forward to 2014

Well, after the first NYC winter freeze hit this week, it didn't take long for my crazy father to start planning our 2014 travel calendar.

As you'll notice from the calendar image here, there are plenty of shaded blue Mondays and Fridays signifying national holidays. In other words, Long Weekends!

Some of you have been asking how far advance we book our trips, so I just thought I'd share with you some of our tentative plans for the next few months (blue text means week long vacation).

We're also taking suggestions for some of the months we don't have plans yet.

  • January (MLK Day) - Getting some BBQ and sweet tea in weird Austin, Texas.
  • April (Easter) - checking out the fantastic Easter parade & costumes in New Orleans.
  • June - no long weekends, but I'm sure we'll find a way to keep busy.
  • July (Parent's 5th Anniversary) - nothing booked yet, but we're thinking Greece?
  • August (Labor Day) - TBD
  • September - no trips, but I love fall in NYC. Maybe Jack & Connor will come visit.
  • October (Columbus Day) - our annual trip to visit family in Israel.
  • December (Christmas) - somewhere warm with my grandparents I suspect.
While it may seem excessive to many of you, I suppose we would also find it excessive to pay for luxury strollers that cost more than some cars or designer toddler clothes that I'll outgrow in a few months. As my father says, material things will go by the wayside, but memories of your family spending time together can stay with you forever. Honestly, I wouldn't mind some nicer toddler toys, but my father says I don't have a a say until I'm old enough to get a paying job or do calculus (whichever comes first).

So where should we go in June? August? December?

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