Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Friend Update: Connor

This past weekend, my future best friend Jack got a new baby brother - Little Connor.

As you might remember, Jack and his parents, Beth & Paul, are my family's closest friends. I first met Jack over a year ago when I was just a little baby, but now, we'll have a new member to our little kid gang.

The funny thing is that my father and Beth first met each other on the internet using America Online (AOL) back in 1998. I have no clue what AOL is, but I hear it was basically Facebook in the 1990's.

But since meeting as teenagers, they've grown up a lot and have become the kind of best friends that are more like family than anything else. And now our two families are extremely close. In fact, Beth and Paul are basically my godparents.

The last time I saw everyone was when we were in Chicago last November. It's a shame that I won't get to meet Baby Connor til later this summer when we visit them for 4th of July, but maybe I'll send him a tweet later on this week and start to get to know him online first. Like father, like daughter.

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