Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vancouver in Photos

Unlike last time we were in Vancouver a few weeks ago, we had a 3 days this trip to walk around the city a bit more. Since we had already checked out Downtown, Yaletown and Granville Island, we decided to spend more time checking out the West End and Coal Harbor.

Since my father hasn't eaten Korean fried chicken a long while, I took him to a place called Zabu Chicken in the West End neighborhood on Robson Street.

The Korean fried chicken was fine, but the pieces were definitely smaller than in the United States. Not worth going out of your way for, but would stop by again if we were in the area.

But that was only a little afternoon snack to tide us over until Happy Hour started at 5:30PM at the Japanese small plates restaurant, Hapa Izakaya a few blocks up Robson Street. They had about 10 of their items for 50% off from 5:30-6:30PM every evening. My parents got a "bamboo" of sake, but I made sure to get my own bamboo shot glass for my water. Then I tried my chopstick skills, because you know the first thing an Asian kid gets asked in Kindergarden: "Do you eat with chop sticks?" Either that or "Do you know karate?"

After our early dinner, we decided to walk back to our hotel along the Coal Harbor neighborhood.

And later tonight, we're flying back on the redeye Air Canada flight to NYC (via Toronto) for a 1 day layover before we go on real vacation. Let's hope I can get some rest on the flight. Otherwise, it's going to be quite painful for everyone on board.

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