Monday, January 28, 2013

Sept 2012 - Phoenix Flight

Flight #14 - US Airways 196 
New York (JFK) – Phoenix (PHX)  
Tues, Sept 11 
Depart: 9:59AM / Arrive: 12:11PM 
Duration: 5hr 12min 
Aircraft: Airbus 321 
Seat: 4A (First) 
Mileage: 3,229 miles
Lifetime Miles:  35,983

As you've probably realized, I'm a United Airlines baby, so it's rare to fly domestically on other metal. But sometimes, my father goes on business trips and can't justify a more expensive United flight, just to rack up frequent flyer miles.  And this trip was to Phoenix, where US Airways has a hub so they're were the lowest cost option.

Luckily for him, however, US Airways (at that time) was part of the Star Alliance along with United.  So that means, he can fly US Airways but get credit into his United account.

But if this trip to Phoenix was for my father's work, what does it have to do with me?  Well, since my parents are so sick in love and had to spend 9 months apart before my mother's greencard came through, they do a lot of crazy things to maximize their time together.  So while my father's company paid for his business class ticket from JFK to PHX, my father paid for a 2nd ticket for my mother and her (free) lap child.

Of course, since he was paying for the 2nd ticket personally, he bought a coach ticket for $299 round trip (via San Francisco).  My parents agreed that whomever wanted to sit in first class would have to hold the baby - as if I were some punishment to offset the reward of a bigger seat and shoddy meal service.  So my mother and I took our seat in 4A while my father schlepped it 15 rows back in seat 19A.

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