Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aug 2012 - Korean Great Grandmothers

My mother is still very close to her grandmother.  They speak almost daily on Skype and continue to have a close bond even being 6,000 miles apart.

My father, on the other hand, has a very distant relationship with his 2 surviving grandmothers.  Having only seen them a few times during his 33+ years of life, he never really bonded, though he had tremendous respect for both of them.  And like a good grandson, he wanted to show them respect and get their blessing for his first born child.

So when we arrived in Seoul and survived the weak little rainstorm formerly known as Typhoon Bolaven,  we made our way to see my two great-grandmothers to meet me for the first time.

On my father's paternal side, I was just another great-grandchild.  My father's older cousins already had several kids by the time I was born.  Nevertheless, my great-grandmother treated me like a princess from the moment she laid eyes on me.  As a strong spiritual believer, I was given a heartfelt blessing in prayer, just like my father before me.

And on my father's maternal side, I was not only the first great-grandchild, but the only.  All my father's cousins on that side were still single and a long ways from having children.

Unfortunately, Time wasn't as kind to this grandmother and her awareness and short term memory were a bit compromised.  Nevertheless, I was determined to make a strong lasting impression so when everyone was sitting around watching me, I stood up and took my first steps towards my great-grandmother.  As you can imagine, the entire room erupted with delight.  Not bad for a 10 month old.

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