Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Westin Lagunamar - Property

But we didn't pick the Westin Lagunamar to just stay indoors. The overall property is much more (and better) than the actual room, even if we were in a massive one bedroom suite.

The resort itself is quite spacious, with plenty of options for the handful of families staying there that week. They even had multiple grilling stations where guests could bring their own food to cook out and eat on the numerous picnic tables.

But no Cancun hotel review report would be complete without a few photos of their amazing beach. Unlike most beaches we've been to, the sand is always cool to the touch, even if it's 100 degrees outside.

In addition to an amazing Cancun beaches, we had 3 swimming pools. One massive one that could hold a thousand people with multiple tiers of 4 foot depth.

Another large but zero-entry pool on our side of the resort. While it was smaller, it was also bigger than most hotel pools we've been at and also had it's own swim up bar as you can see below.

And finally, as a part of the first big pool, there was a separated small kiddie pool, but I was too mature for that!

There was also a Westin Kid's Club where we could spend time with my parents for free or drop off kids ages 4+ for a fee. At the Kid's Club, you could play outdoors in the covered playground set, find the Westin pet bunny rabbit or find indoor activities for both kids and adults alike. Also next to the Kid's Club was a small mini-golf course!


They had some arts and crafts available for a small fee as well. I got to paint a wooden starfish for about 60 pesos ($4 USD).

Overall, we had a great time at the Westin Lagunamar. While we enjoyed having extra space, we thought we could also easily spend a week in the studio since they have a washer/dryer as well. My mother loved our trip so much that she wants to go back every other year.

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