Tuesday, April 21, 2015

90 Minutes in Playa Del Carmen

Despite having a tight transit schedule, our flight into Cancun was unfortunately delayed by over an hour and a half. Part of the late departure was that the inbound aircraft arrived late, but there was also a long period of time after we boarded but before we actually took off.

My father recalled the flight to Cancun taking about 3.5 hours, but we spent 5.5 hours on that plane. Luckily, we had the big seats on this trip thanks to complimentary upgrades for my family and me.

But we didn't land in Mexico until 2PM Central time. Though we were literally the first passengers through immigration control, we weren't going to make the 3PM ferry from Playa Del Carmen ("PDC"). Fortunately, there were still a bunch more ferries to catch, and the next ferry was 5PM. So we decided to just enjoy some extra time in PDC and have a late lunch when we arrived closer to 3:30PM.

We first walked through the little commercial center where you felt like you were in an outdoor mall. Of course, the entire place caters to American tourists, but you still felt like you were in another country when you saw guys with a pet monkey for you take photos with for 50 pesos (a little over $3 USD).

After purchasing our tickets on the next ferry ($11/adult), we changed into shorts, checked our suitcases and walked down the promenade to find a restaurant that didn't have Americans with fanny packs or jean shorts.

Eventually, we found a little place by the park called Habana. Yes, we knew it was actually a Cuban restaurant, but they lured my parents in with signs for $4 liters of micheladas. And of course, no trip to the warm climate would be complete without me drinking from a coconut. Happy hour indeed!

Shortly after our food came out. My father wanted something with seafood, so the cerviche looked like a good option. However, the raw fish on our first day at a dive bar didn't pass his "good idea" test so we opted for the cooked items (shrimp and octopus). We have to say, they were delicious!

Once we finished our late lunch, it was closer to 4:30PM, so we decided to make our way back to the ferry terminal and await our 45 minute ride to Cozumel.

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