Saturday, April 25, 2015

Día de los Niños

So I was surfing my iPad one morning at breakfast and learned that April 30 here is Día de los Niños (Day of the Kids). But to celebrate, the local shopping mall near our hotel, they had a Disney themed show for kids on Saturday April 25.

My father originally wanted to spend our Saturday checking out Isla Mujeres, but I convinced him that his only daughter deserved to have a say in our vacation too. He caved in quickly.

So after lunch, we made our way on the local bus (31 pesos for 3 people, or about $2 USD) just one stop to Kukulcan Plaza (the indoor shopping mall). We were there early, so we decided to go grocery shopping at the Soriano's supermarket to stock up on some food and water to bring home with us after the Disney Show.

Then at around 1:30, people started gathering around so I took my seat up in the front like a good Asian girl. I made friends with the other little girl who was a local. Despite our language barriers, we managed to find a way to communicate and talk about how excited we were for the show to start.

But while we were waiting, they started handing out balloons and a few of us kids started going up on stage to play with them. Soon thereafter, some of the Disney characters started showing up to spend some time with us while others were able to get a little face painting in before the show started.

Then at 2PM on the dot, the crowds started to fill up the seats and the music came on. Dancers went onto the stage and started their performance with Meghan Trainor music blasting.

Then they transitioned to Disney where my favorite character, Rapunzle came out singing in Spanish, followed by Ariel the Mermaid.

And of course, no Disney show would be complete without Frozen's Queen Elsa coming out to sing "Let It Go" or as they call it here, "Déjalo Ir".

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  1. It looks like you all had a great time that day, specially your daughter. I'm glad that you're able to communicate well with people even though you speak different languages. Well, I guess that's something you will eventually be acquainted with when you often travel abroad. Thanks for sharing this, and good luck to all of your adventures! :)

    Fred Lauing @ Excel Translations