Friday, April 24, 2015

Eating in Cozumel

No hotel review could be complete with a few photos of the breakfast buffet. Given that we were on an island, we were more than pleased with the wide selection of American and Mexican options.

For 340 pesos/adult ($23 USD), it wasn't "cheap" by any means, but still a good value for a resort like the 5 star Intercontinental Presidente.

Fortunately, my parents were able to eat enough to basically skip lunch while adorable 3 year olds were able to eat for free. Though truth be told, I only had some cereal and fruit.

They had buffet breakfasts at the open air restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. While most of the hotel guests wanted to eat in the sun, we opted for the shade closer to the food. We still had a wonderful view of the ocean, so we were very happy with our location.

The breakfast selection was pretty vast, including fresh fruits, meats and cheeses, pastries, a made-to-order omelette/egg station, and a range of local Mexican items including so many salsas, that it would make your toddler head spin.

While the breakfasts at the Intercontinental were delicious and more importantly, convenient, we wanted to venture outside the resort for dinner. So we asked the front desk for a good recommendation where we could get local seafood. They suggested La Choza where the food was (according to the concierge) "like my grandmother would cook." We were sold.

So we hopped a $7 USD taxi into town and walked through the bustling streets of downtown Cozumel and found La Choza on a side street a few blocks in from the oceanfront.

My parents enjoyed their food and it was pretty good value for the portion sizes provided. It wasn't the "best food they've ever had," but it was exactly what they were looking for in a town where there were too many cheap American-style restaurants dominating the streets. We'd definitely go back again next time we're in Cozumel.

I also started getting into virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. I can never finish them, but I refuse to let my parents have a fun icy drink without me. We also tried an "avocado pie" which sounded better than it tasted. It wasn't horrible, but the cinnamon crust really saved it from being a pretty bad dessert.

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