Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sussex County Sunflower Maze

A few weeks ago, my father saw someone post on Facebook with the headline, "Best NJ Places to Take Preschoolers in August." First on the list was the Sunflower Maze located at Liberty Farms in Sussex County, NJ.

Of course, my parents had to take me. But the Sunflower Maze is only open for about 4 weeks each year, and the start date depends on how the flowers are growing, so you have to check their website for their opening date during the summer. This year, they opened August 22nd.

So this past weekend, we took my grandmother and aunt to make it a full Songer family daytrip. Fortunately, Sussex County is only a little over an hour away from my grandmother's house in suburban NJ. So we spent the night there on Saturday evening and left early Sunday morning.

My family members are big fans of arriving earlier in the day because we (a) avoid the hot afternoon heat and (b) don't get all the crowds of lazy people that take their sweet time getting ready.

While not cheap for a family of five, the $10/adult fees were reasonable given the hours of fun we had and great photos we were able to take. Since I was still 3 years old, I was free, but children ages 4-12 are $6 each.  And yes, they accepted credit cards.

We arrived shortly after 11AM and found parking easily in the main lot (it was overflowing full by the time we left around 12:30PM). Under the tent with the cashier, they also sold snacks, drinks and even umbrellas to protect you from the hot August sun. Of course, my Korean grandmother brought several frozen bottles of water with us from home.

Pretty soon after we entered the field, I found several fun photo boards where I put my head through a hole and my parents whip out their smart phone cameras.

As my nerd father explained to me, the sunflower grows to face the sun each morning. So for Asians photographers, they make a great backdrop since all of them will face the same way.

As we walked deeper into the field, we started seeing more and more sunflowers. I love a farm with good sunflower density.

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