Monday, August 10, 2015

Eating Our Way Through The North Fork - Briermere Farm

This past week, my aunt asked us if we wanted to come with her and my grandmother on a Sunday daytrip to the North Fork (a section of Long Island known by New Yorkers to have great local farms and wineries). Before my parents could think about it, I had my go-bag packed and ready!

Most people have heard of the Hamptons (which we visited in 2013) on the southern fork, but we prefer visiting the North Fork, because it's a lot more laid back.

We left Manhattan around 8:30AM in the morning and as you could imagine, the city was pretty empty on a Sunday morning and there was no traffic on I-495 East.

We made it to our first stop Briermere Farm in Riverhead around 10AM. Briermere is an old school farm with a retail storefront. If you want to know how old school, check out their AOL-ish website here. Not exactly mobile-friendly.

My parents and I had actually been to Briermere before - almost 3 years ago with family friends who frequented the area. So when we pulled up, it brought back some nice memories of the last time we were in the North Fork.

The front porch was full of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The door led you into a small store inside (with less than 50 square feet of space for customers) that showcased their fruit preserves and baked goods. Briermere is famous for their delicious pies, so definitely make sure to get one of those should you visit.

We went for the Blueberry Cream pie, which was so delicious that we decided to sneak a few bites before lunch on the picnic table outside!

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