Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eating Our Way Through The North Fork - Harbes Family Farm

After our first stop at Briermere to pick up a blueberry creme pie, we continued down the road until we arrived at Harbes Family Farm.

According to the website, "Harbes Farm is a 13th generation farm that has transitioned from traditional agricultural to a model that is inclusive of the public, inviting them to enjoy the fruits of their labor at 3 farms. At Harbes, we strive to provide families with meaningful and wholesome experiences that the whole family can enjoy together."

What does that actually mean? Well, they have the standard farm stand (where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables) as well as get some made-to-order food including sandwiches and salads.

But if you do visit, you MUST get the most delicious sweet corn ($3.25) you've ever had in your life. HIGHLY recommended. It was so sweet, my father said it was like candy and that he could only eat half!

Then behind the main building, there's a massive open field where you can run and play, including some country-styled activities and structures to check out.

But the best part was the Harbes Barnyard Adventure area where you can spend all day with the farm animals, bouncy houses, a maze, pony rides, hayrides, and other playsets. It costs $7.95/person, but kids under 2 are free. Pony rides are an additional $5.


I had a great time for the few hours we were there. When we arrived around 10:30AM, we were one of a handful of families, but by the time we left around 12:30PM, it was getting very crowded with families coming one after another. Thankfully, there was tons of space on the 7 acre family farm.

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