Monday, June 22, 2015

My Baby Shopping Center

In the Israeli town of Yarka, there exists a mega complex called My Baby that would even put most Walmart Supercenters in the US to shame. And it's all for kids!

At 11,000 square meters (approximately 118,000 square feet), this complex is part Buy Buy Baby, part Toys R Us, and part amusement park. They sell everything from children's clothing, shoes, accessories and of course, toys.

According to their website, "MY BABY is considered to be the biggest center for babies and mums in Middle East and Europe, which attracts hundreds of thousands of clients arriving from all over the country. The center offers its visitors 11,000 sm of the best local and international brands and with a staff of 150 employees. With the development of the center and reaching its current dimensions MY BABY also received rights to become exclusive distributor of foreign brands and is considered to be a successful one. MY BABY is a unique concept and one of a kind, which accompanies the mum and the whole family starting with pregnancy stage and further on."

My grandparents took me there this past weekend to buy me some gifts with the money they had been saving up for my next visit. The place was huge with all the retail on the ground floor and a big playland upstairs with an indoor Ferris wheel.

They also had plenty of shopping cart options for us little kids.

But I didn't really feel like shopping, so I let my grandmother and mother pick out some outfits for me to review while I went upstairs with the men to check out the fun amusement park. But sorry to say that the rides weren't free. Like any other carnival, you had to buy ride tickets for each ride. Thankfully, I was with some grandparents who LOVE to spoil their only grandchild.

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