Saturday, June 27, 2015

Brussels Train

We left our hotel around 9PM after dropping off our bags in our room and went back across the street to the airport to catch the train into the city center.

The ground floor was Level 3, so we took the escalators down to Level -1 where the train station was located.

My father knew the ticket kiosks wouldn't work with the credit cards he had in his wallet. Fortunately, the ticket counters were open and accepted our credit cards.

For €8.50/adult, we had tickets for the next train. Children ride for free (as they should). The bar code on the ticket was required to scan through the gates to head down to the platforms.

The train was waiting at the platform a few minutes before the scheduled 9:13 departure time.

As you can see, it may not be completely obvious which train you should take, so you're best off doing research on their website in advance (or just asking someone).

We boarded early and found the car to be almost completely empty. The seats were set up as 4 person sections, each with a small table. Much better than the E train taking you from JFK Airport into Manhattan! Also note: we were wise to keep our tickets with us after boarding, because eventually someone came around to check them.

The Songer Girls going into the city for a Saturday night out.

After 20 minutes and 2 stops later, we were pulling into Central Station and heading to the famous Brussels Grand Place.

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