Saturday, June 27, 2015

Flying Brussels Airlines

Our flight to Brussels was supposed to depart Tel Aviv at 3:55PM on Saturday. Knowing how long security lines can take at Ben Gurion Airport, we arrived a bit after 1PM to make sure we had enough time to clear 3 sets of security.

As it turned out, we only needed about 45 minutes to check in, so we decided to spend some more time with my grandfather who drove us to the airport from Haifa.

Our flight ended up being unofficially delayed as we didn't board until 3:40PM, well after the 3:05PM posted on the boarding pass.

Nevertheless, we took our seats when boarded started and came prepared for a 5 hour flight without meal service, in-flight entertainment units, Wifi or electrical power outlets. We took our seats in the Economy section in Row 13. This airline had the European style "slim" seats that were perfectly comfortable, though meant we didn't have personal entertainment systems in the seat backs.

The rows weren't that close together according to my father, but that might be more attributable to his abnormally short legs rather than thoughtful spacing by the airline.

I, on the other hand, wasn't so concerned about legroom. Upon boarding, I was immediately given a nice little kid's welcome package by the flight attendant. Plus, my grandfather also bought me a Disney Princess coloring/sticker book. What a great way to keep me well-behaved!

Some "surprises" on board during the flight itself.

The Good: everyone getting a surprise dinner. Chicken, cous-cous and steamed vegetables.

The Bad: the overhead monitors never showed any entertainment - just the route map.

The Ugly: a fully grown 36 year old father playing 5 hours of Bubble Witch on his iPad.

Since we didn't board on time, it was 8:40PM by the time we landed - about an hour after we were originally scheduled to land. That meant one hour less for my family to spend in the city that night before the last train back to the airport. But on the positive side, we were able to quickly clear customs and check into our hotel within 15 minutes of landing. Not too bad!

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