Tuesday, August 13, 2013

We Have Real Readers!

Based on what my father told me about his 2008 travel blog, he told me not to expect to get too many readers besides him and a few of his friends.

In fact, my own mother doesn't even read Lap Child Diaries. But I'm not worried, because most of my baby friends are actually too young to read. So I'm sure my readership will spike in about 4-6 years from now.

But every so often, I'll get a comment from someone I don't know. While 99% of the time it's some small foreign business looking to promote their services via commenting on a random travel blog, sometimes it's a legit reader!
From Anonymous
August 5, 2013 at 11:40 PM 
Hi Lap Child, Although I am a few years older than you, I want to say THANKS to your Dad for making my family's last vacation awesome! After thoroughly reading about your travels, my Korean-American Dad also managed to get Hyatt Diamond status and upgraded us to a suite at the Park Hyatt in Seoul for my uncle's wedding last week. I swam every day in the spectacular infiniti pool and stuffed myself at the gourmet breakfast included with our room. Our last day we told the front desk we were checking out very early before the Cornerstone would be open, and my mom was stunned when they had room service delivered to us at 5:30AM. Wow!! I have to say my parents are not easily impressed with what is written in most blogs, but they say if they ever run into your dad in NY, they will buy him a drink!!
It's nice to know that my self-indulgent rants are helpful to others.

What's next for me? Well, I'm glad you asked. This coming weekend, we're taking a group trip with my new baby friend Ava and her parents down to Princeton, NJ.

In addition to my father forcing me to visit the fabled Princeton University (never too early for a campus tour, right?), we're using the central location to visit a few other nearby places (Philadelphia? Jersey Shore? Atlantic City?). The internet search came up with Crystal Springs Aquatic Facility in East Brunswick.

If anyone has any suggestions for baby-friendly activities, please do comment!