Thursday, December 3, 2015

United Silver Status for Everyone

Flight #119 - United Airlines 2020
Newark (EWR) – Ft Lauderdale (FLL)
Thursday, December 3, 2015
Depart: 11:31AM / Arrive: 2:36PM
Duration: 3hr 5min
Aircraft: Boeing 737
Seat: 10D, 10E and 10F (Economy)
Earned: 1,065 miles
Lifetime Miles: 217,661 miles

My father has held United Gold status since 2010. Having status has dramatically improved our travel experiences, from getting access to free Same Day Changes and 2 free Economy Plus seats at booking. There are other perks as well, but those are less valuable or can be replicated through other means (credit cards benefits).

But this year, we didn't fly as much internationally so it was difficult for him to reach 50,000 miles flown on United or Star Alliance carriers. Even with his extra 5,000 Premier Qualifying Miles earned from his Chase United Select credit card, he would only get to 36,000 miles. So he would have to be content with falling back to United Silver status (which you earn after 25,000 miles).

However, for yours truly, it would be my first time ever having United Silver status. You might be surprised about that since I've already flown 217,661 miles in my 4 years of life. But here's why I'm only now reaching United Silver.

1. For the first two years (2012-2013), I flew as a lapchild (hence the name of the blog). Those flights didn't earn me any elite miles at all since for most of them, I didn't even have to pay (except small % for international flights).

2. After I turned 2 years old (2014), I was ineligible to fly as a lapchild and started earning frequent flyer miles. However, my family focused on having me earn Aegean Airlines miles (instead of United) to get "lifetime" Gold status with their Miles & Bonus frequent flyer program.

3. After earning "lifetime" Aegean Gold in June 2014, I started flying on award tickets (which don't earn frequent flyer miles).

4. I only started earning United miles in October 2014 on our trip to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (way too late in the calendar year to reach 25,000).

Long story short, 2015 would be the year that I'd finally earn United Silver status. And with our touchdown yesterday afternoon at Ft Lauderdale, I had 25,191 miles earned this year.

Coincidentally, this FLL flight was also the flight where my mother re-qualified for her United Silver status as well. So now the 3 of us in the family all have United Silver from now through Feb 2017.

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