Monday, December 14, 2015

Andaz is Super Kid Friendly

The Andaz is my NEW favorite all time hotel. I know I seem to say that about every hotel I visit, but it's going to be hard to top this trip - especially since I'm at the sweet spot age (4 years old).

First, they have an amazing Kids Club called Cambi Kids Club that is 100% free for guests during regular hours (8AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM). If you want evening childcare, then you need to RSVP by 4PM and pay extra.

But during regular hours, if you're 4 years or older, you can be dropped off while your parents enjoy some adult time. If you're under 4 years old, then your parent needs to stay with you.

As you can see, the Kids Club is well staffed and stocked with enough to do for children of all ages, including an indoor tree house.

Surprisingly, many times, I was the only child in the Kids Club so I received the attention of 3-4 staff members who would keep me entertained while my parents enjoyed paddle boarding at the beach and relaxing at the adult-only pool.

Second, if you're a hungry toddler, then the Andaz is also a great choice. Kids under the age of 5 can eat FREE from the Kid's Menu (or get 50% off their meal from the regular adult menu). That's a lot of savings at a high end resort.

Here are the regular prices (in USD) on the Kid's Menu from their main restaurant Rio Bhongo. Note, these prices don't include the 10% service charge and 13% taxes they add on.

Since I'm no stranger to food, we probably saved quite a bit by not having to pay for my meals. Though I did get some fruit shakes and desserts, which are not complimentary.

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