Monday, December 14, 2015

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo - Part 2

Since our rooms weren't yet ready for check-in, we enjoyed our leisurely lunch at Rio Bhongo where we had our first taste of the amazingly friendly service that would mark the rest of our Andaz stay.

Our server seemed so genuinely happy to help us (and me in particular) that we quickly forgot about the front desk lying to us about room availability. The immediate view of the lush jungle and beautiful blue Culebra Bay didn't hurt either.

When I was finished with my deliciously fresh fish tacos, my parents decided to see if I'd like the Cambi Kid's Club where I could spend my afternoon while everyone else relaxed at the adult-only pool.

After falling in love with the Cambi staff and amenities, I knew I'd have a great time there. My family decided to take advantage of the free time by walking to the far other end of the resort.

There, they found an oasis, a relaxing infinity pool for people 18+ years.

At 1:30PM, the adult pool wasn't that crowded and my parents were able to snag lounge chairs pretty easily. The heat was pretty intense in the sun, but felt warm and comfortable in the shade.

After finishing the pitcher and suntanning, the adults dried off and came to retrieve me from the Kid's Club around 4PM to get into our room. We were kindly given adjacent rooms (#514 and #515) which made it very convenient.

My parents had a spacious King bed while my aunt and grandmother shared a room with two twin beds. Unlike the earlier night at the Hilton Garden Inn where the double beds were large enough to fit 2 regular sized adults, the Andaz twin beds were clearly for 1 person each. Just something to keep in mind should you be planning to have 4 people in a room with two Twin beds.

In typical Andaz style, there was one large space separated by a semi-wall that functioned as a barrier and a closet / mini-fridge (more on that later). There was also a desk for my father to quietly do some work while I took afternoon naps. The wifi in the room and all around the resort was excellent. We could do Skype calls very clearly, though we tried to stay offline as much as possible.

The open bathroom format was very stylish, modern and frankly convenient. Despite having only one sink, there was ample counter space for the entire family.

But the best part was the massive walk-in shower. It was literally the highlight of our room. The entire family could rinse off after swimming at once if we wanted to. My favorite part was the rain shower because I could hop in and out of the water as I pleased. Plus, as you can see, there was a glass window that overlooked our balcony and the jungle outside.

The bath amenities were LATHER, a brand I wasn't familiar with but soon grew to love. The mint and lemon scents were wonderful to shower with.

The balcony was quite large as well, measuring probably 12'x10' (aka, the size of my father's first NYC apartment) with its own shade to lower the curtain if we wanted some privacy.

And with all Andaz hotels, they stocked the minibar with non-alcoholic drinks and snacks that were complimentary and refilled daily. In fact, my family usually stocks up on bottled water before checking into a hotel as the 2 free bottles are never enough for us, but the Andaz gave you plenty of beverage options each day.

I thought the room was so great, that I wanted to draw a nice picture to the hotel staff to say "thank you."

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