Sunday, December 6, 2015

SPG Fan for Life

Every morning during our stay at the W Ft Lauderdale, my parents and I would use our Platinum benefit amenity of free breakfast at the W Cafe.

While it wasn't a traditional sit-down, waiter-service restaurant, my family enjoyed being able to quickly grab some food so we could maximize our time actually enjoying Florida instead.

To start each day, we head down to the W Cafe and were met with happy smiles from their warm and engaging staff. For having SPG Platinum status, we were given $25 of breakfast credit every morning. Of course, the prices were appropriate for resort hotels, but it was plenty of credit to keep my family well fed.

We typically ordered two ham/cheese croissant sandwiches (which they heated up for us) and a few Odwalla fruit smoothies.

But the best part of breakfast was when I got to chat with the friendly staff, Yai and Hector. They kept complimenting me for being so sweet and adorable, and it definitely brought out my very best smiles for them. They'd ask me how my day was going, how old I was, what my favorite food was. It was a nice way to start each day and for me to practice my toddler conversational skills.

Well, on our final night at the hotel, we received a surprise knock on our door. A server came in with a tray of milk and freshly made cookies as well as a large stuffed white alligator.

And there was a hand written note with my name on it.

Well, as you can imagine, I was super happy with such amazing customer service that really made me feel like a VIP. I told my father the W was my favorite hotel and that I'd be loyal to Starwood forever (or at least as long as they're around before being acquired by Marriott). Thank you, Yai and Hector!

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