Sunday, October 12, 2014

Santa Fe Daytrip

While we enjoyed Albuquerque, we also did want to check out the famous New Mexico town of Santa Fe whose name was appropriated by delis all over the US for any sandwiches with avocado and pepper jack cheese in them. 

Fortunately, the capital city of New Mexico was very easy to drive to. It was only about 75 minutes northeast of ABQ, though I will say the long stretch of Route 25 can get exceptionally windy, so please drive carefully so you don't get pushed into other lanes.

And note: when you see signs for Las Vegas being only another 50 miles away, don't get confused with the Sin City. The New Mexico version of Las Vegas isn't anything like Nevada's.

We don't have much to say about Santa Fe that you can't just read on Wikipedia, so we'll just show you some of our favorite photos of our Sunday afternoon there.

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