Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Songer the Photographer

Fact: My father is Asian. Fact: I'm half-Asian. Fact: Asians love cameras. Well, maybe that last one isn't a "fact," but you know it's pretty true.

Since I'm going to turn 3 next month, my father decided that he'd let me use the family camera to start learning how to take photos while we were in Albuquerque last weekend.

In typical Asian fashion, my father told me to practice first with my Hello Kitty pretend camera for the past several months. Once I mastered that one, then I'd be allowed to try the real thing.

So while we were at the Balloon Fiesta last Saturday, I stole my father let me borrow the camera and I took some photographs. Now, it was a point and click camera, so don't expect me to be the next Ansel Adams, but see for yourself.

Also, if you think they're not good, then that's just because you're too old to appreciate to the artistic stylings of the Generation Z zeitgeist.

Then later that day, we went over to the Acoma Sky City pueblos to see some Native American culture. Here I also stole the camera away was given another chance to hone my photography skills. Included among the photos, is what I call my Parent's Gut and Strangers Feet collections.



Seriously, I'm a natural...or at least a half-natural.

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