Friday, October 24, 2014

Hellerick’s Family Farm

My father was driving to Pennsylvania to meet with a Five Star Painting franchisee near Philadelphia, so he decided to take my mother and me with him. It's nice not being in real school yet!

After his meeting, we drove to Hellerick's Family Farm in Doylestown, PA. As you can see, it's a beautiful little place where an adorable 3 year old can really have some fun.

Admission was free for kids, but adults had to pay $9/person M-F and $12/person on weekends. We haven't been to a farm in quite some time (last year in fact), so we were fine with paying a bit to enjoy their beautiful property.

They also had a series of playgrounds and activities, including a spider web to crawl onto and a potato gun range, though that one seemed to be shut down that day.

Our favorite was the Corn Maze that spanned 5 acres. My parents and I went in, but after a few minutes of getting frustrated, we cheated and walked off the path to get out.


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