Saturday, February 9, 2013

Animal Saturday

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents really started to impress me with their adventurous activities after having some Thai spa treatments.  But today really took the blue ribbon.

We ordered a private car to pick us from the hotel at 8:30AM.  The car would cost 1,200 Thai Baht or about $40USD for all day.

First stop, Tiger Kingdom.  Getting there early was great since it gets pretty crowded by 10AM.  You purchase tickets based on the number and size of the tigers you want to "see."

My parents picked the package of 3 for each of them for about 1,300 THB per person ($44 USD).  For that package, you got a newborn (2-3 months old), a small (4-8 months old) and a big (13-30 months old).  Since I was a baby, I was only allowed to see the newborn.

It's set up like a zoo, but it's so much better than whatever they have in the US.  In America, you'd go look at the tigers in a fake habitat across from a large moat.  In Thailand, however, you get up close and personal.

This is my father with the big cat.  You'd be surprised how gentle these tigers can be.  And contrary to what many people suggest, these tigers are not drugged.  Instead, they're raised and trained from birth in captivity and have been taught to be very comfortable with people.

Now many Americans would freak out if they saw me near a live tiger, but my parents were cool enough to let me get a hold of one.

The next stop on our tour was the Monkey Center where baboons were trained to put on a little show and pose for pictures.  Prices were 200 THB per adult (or about $6.67 USD).

And to finish off the day, we visited Measa Elephant Camp where we fed them bananas and sugar cane, watched them perform tricks (including soccer, basketball and even painting) and finally rode them.  Price for the show and an hour ride was 800 THB per person ($27 USD).

Of course, since I am my father's daughter, it was after lunch so I passed out.

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  1. Looks like you guys are having quite an adventure. Thanks for letting us follow along!