Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Borgata

Hotel Details
Hotel: The Borgata
Dates: December 24-26, 2014
Rate Paid: $185/night (incl. taxes)

As I mentioned, my aunt had the idea to take us all to Atlantic City for Christmas. Despite being Asians, my extended family doesn't gamble. But we went to AC because it would be open during the Christmas holidays. Interestingly enough, the Borgata was packed with Jews and Asians. Perfect for me, right?

Well, unlike some of the Las Vegas casinos that I've heard so much about, the Borgata doesn't have a fun theme. It's just a "nice casino/hotel" with a few shops and restaurants. Sure there were a few festive decorations like a nice Christmas tree here and there, but it was just a very generic hotel experience.

I suppose the Borgata's bars and clubs could be interesting when I turn 21, but I'm pretty sure it won't be my kind of crowd. I was much more interested in the candy/cake store they had on the property.

Also, not having any status here, we had to wait in a pretty long line at 3PM to check in. But the lined moved pretty quickly since they had 5 front desk agents working. My parents and I were in the Borgata side while my aunt and grandparents were in the Water Club (an adult only part of the complex).

We went up to our room on the 37th floor and found our basic double bed room to be fine. Not as clean as we'd have ideally liked, but it was sufficient and pretty spacious. Perhaps my father is just spoiled by getting free wifi at all his chain hotels, but he was pretty frustrated that we had to pay $10.99/night for the wifi in the room.

But this trip wasn't about enjoying a unique hotel experience, it was about spending time with your family during Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

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