Thursday, December 25, 2014

Historic Smithville, NJ

About 15 minutes outside of Atlantic City, you'll find a little historic town called Smithville. My family and I tend to appreciate these quaint experiences more than the flashy glitz of Atlantic City where the "Jager and Redbull" crowd like to frequent.

My father actually heard about Smithville by eavesdropping overhearing the NJ Transit Train Conductor talking to his colleague about his holiday plans. Then after looking it up online, my father knew I'd really enjoy it, so come Christmas evening, we found ourselves driving through southern NJ looking for this hidden treasure.

We left the Borgata at 6PM and arrived in Smithville about 20 minutes later. We wanted to come in the evening since it was Christmas day, the dozens of little shops would be closed anyway.

But set on the lake, the townspeople constructed a wonderful light show on floating barges set to Christmas music blasting throughout the village.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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