Saturday, December 6, 2014

Planning 2015 Trips

The other day, I had given a brief recap of where we've traveled this past year. While we're probably not going out of our way to hit United elite status again this year, we do find it convenient that Newark is a United hub.Therefore, United often has direct flights to most of the places we want to fly to - which come in very handy when you're an active 3 year old toddler.

So as we started looking at our travel plans for Martin Luther King Day and President's Day (aka Long Weekends), we looked at a variety of flight options to places we could visit within a 5 hour flight.

January's MLK Weekend was actually spoken for already, since Five Star Painting was having a national conference for all its members in Orlando, Florida. While my father will be busy networking, my mother and I will be able to spend our free time however we wish.

But unfortunately, my weekend in Orlando will not include a visit to Disney World since my father really wanted to be there with me for my first time.

But the next month, we'll be taking the long weekend to check out Charleston, South Carolina. My mother really loves the South after having visited New Orleans and Atlanta this past year and Memphis the year before. We're not sure what we're doing in Charleston, but my parents hear great things about it and anything is better than frigid February in NYC.

After that, who knows? We're going to wait a few weeks before booking our next trip in March. That will probably our annual trip to Israel, but we'll see how the year plays out.
  • January MLK Weekend - Orlando
  • February Presidents Day Weekend - Charleston
  • March Spring Vacation - Israel
  • April Easter Weekend - Chicago?
  • May Memorial Day Weekend - Kansas City
  • July 4th Weekend - ???
  • August Summer Vacation - ???
  • December Christmas Vacation - ???

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