Friday, September 4, 2015

That 70's Vacation - Griffon Pub

We like to try local food whenever we travel somewhere. It doesn't mean we always go to expensive restaurants, but we do check out the ratings on Yelp! and Local Eats.

Since Niagara Falls, NY isn't exactly the most popular foodie city, we didn't search long before we settled on The Griffon Pub. It was clearly the best place in the area and they took reservations for Friday night.

We arrived at 8PM after checking into the Four Points hotel. The place wasn't as crowded as we the full parking lot would have suggested, but it was also pretty spacious.

After checking in, we were seated right away in a tall booth.

The menu looked great. It had so many choices that all looked so tasty, we had a hard time deciding. Ultimately, we went with the Buffalo-style Deviled Eggs for our appetizer.

My mother went with the highly touted Bacon Jam Burger for her entree...

...and some poutine (since we were so close to Canada).

My father was torn, but ultimately chose the Beef on Weck. The roast beef sandwich on a kummelweck roll with a side of au jus and horseradish wasn't a Griffon Pub specialty, but it was a popular Western NY sandwich. When in Rome...

Everything was delicious and since it was a gastroPUB, we had some tasty craft beers they had on tap.  No IPA's for me, but the waitress suggested a Shirley Temple for me - my first one ever. I was an insteant fan.

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