Friday, September 4, 2015

That 70's Vacation - The Finger Lakes

There's a region in Western New York called the Finger Lakes for their resemblance on a map to long skinny fingers.

Some of the lakes have downtown areas that are well-suited for tourism, while others are better used as base camps for wine-tasting trips.

Since my father was driving, we skipped the wine and went for the quaint downtown of Skaneatles, NY.

Skaneatles has a charming little commercial area where the houses and shops maintained their old historic charm and teleported you back to simpler times.

Of course, there's a lovely grassy area near the lake where you can sit in the shade, jump in for a cool swim, watch the ducks or take a lake boat tour.

Since it was a few hours after lunch, my father started to get hungry. We decided to take in another local Yelp! favorite, Doug's Fish Fry.

While you might not think of fresh seafood in the middle of New York State, Doug's apparently trucks in fresh fish from Gloucester, Mass each morning. This no-frills joint was a perfect for us as it was delicious and low-key. With no wait staff, you just order from the counter and seat yourself. It was definitely a nice treat, especially since we don't really eat fried seafood much in New York City. We had the fried scallops, and they were delicious.

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