Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sesame Place

After checking into our room at the Sheraton Bucks County, we took their free shuttle van over to Sesame Place.

Since we already purchased tickets online (using our AAA Membership discount), we took our printed vouchers and went to the self-service kiosks where our actual tickets and meal certificates were printed out.

There were a lot of families as you'd expect, but definitely not as crowded as Disney World a few months ago.

2015 is apparently the 35th anniversary for Sesame Place, so they had a lot of decorations and signage about that, such as this massive fake birthday cake as soon as you enter the park. We didn't bring a stroller or our cell phones, so we didn't need the lockers, but they were available for $13. Most people we saw had their phones in a "waterproof" pouch they had around their necks, but we also saw a fair share of disappointed adults holding a wet phone. Apparently, you shouldn't trust a $700 phone to a $10 piece of cheap plastic.

It was pretty hot out, so we decided to head to the wet rides first. I didn't care for the kiddie pool, so we went right towards the Big Bird Lazy River.

After going around a second time on the lazy river, we went to my favorite ride, the carousel.

Then the Flying Fish ride.

Followed by Sesame Place's version of Dippin' Dots.

My father was definitely NOT a fan of the spinning teacups. He's getting pretty old.

Then we went over towards the Monster Clubhouse.

After taking time out to eat and waiting in lines, we were pretty wiped out by 6PM. So after 5 hours at Sesame Place, we decided to call it a day and head back to our hotel. As it turned out, as we were walking out of the exit, we saw our wonderful Sheraton shuttle van with plenty of room for the three of us!

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