Saturday, July 4, 2015

Elmo's Eatery

After going on a few rides, we started to get hungry.

Now, Sesame Place is one of the few theme parks that allow families to bring their own food in coolers. But we didn't feel like buying a cooler and lugging it around with us all day. Besides, we had 3 meal coupons from our AAA package.

There are obviously plenty of snack stands all over the park, but there are five primary "restaurants" at Sesame Place of which you can use the coupons at three of them:  Elmo's Eatery, Cookie's Cafe and Captain Ernie's Bistro.

We were closest to Elmo's Eatery, so we just decided to go there. It was almost like a cafeteria set up where you waited in a single line as you approached the cashiers to place your order. But first you were given a tracker device that had a unique identification number.

Along the way, they had menus on flat screen TV monitors so you were prepared to order. Adult options included brisket sandwiches, buffalo chicken tenders, BBQ pulled pork sliders, different types of flat bread pizzas and healthy salads. The "Combo" package also included a beverage and your choice of side (fries, broccoli, apple slices or apple sauce). Because we had the Meal Coupon, we could also get a Dessert (chocolate cake, carrot cake, strawberry parfait, chocolate pudding, jello parfait, cupcake or a chocolate chip cookie).

After placing your order, you found a seat inside while you waited for your food to be brought out. Because you have the tracker, you could sit wherever you wanted inside, and they would find you. After getting your food, you could still go sit outside in the sun, as it was pretty chilly with the A/C inside.

How was the food, you inquire? Glad you asked. While Elmo's Eatery surely won't win any Michelin stars, the food quality was actually excellent for the venue. It tasted very fresh and actually cooked instead of deep fried / frozen. We really enjoyed our amusement park food. Well done, Sesame Place!

Of course, no modern blog would be complete without photos of the food. For one of our meals, we ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich with apple slices and strawberry parfait.

The other adult meal was the brisket sandwich with broccoli and chocolate cake.

The kid's meal that I enjoyed was the macaroni with cheese with french fries and a cupcake.

And what made this so great was that it was all included in our discounted Sesame Place AAA voucher. Like butter and cheese, everything tastes better with "free."

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