Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flight #100

Flight #100 - United 1180
Newark (EWR) – Orlando (MCO)
Thursday, January 15, 2015
Depart: 11:42AM / Arrive: 2:37PM
Duration: 2hr 55min
Aircraft: Boeing 757
Miles Earned: 938 miles
Lifetime Miles: 190,211 miles

My very first flight was about 3 years ago when I was just over 3 months old. My mother was pretty nervous, but my father figured I might as well start getting used to flying if I was going to be a member of this family.

Fast forward 35 months, and I've completed my 100th flight segment. Now, to be clear, I don't mean that I have been to 100 destinations or have taken 100 round trips. Some trips were the usual 2 flights round-trip, others 3-4 flights for a single trip.

So when I finished my Newark-Orlando flight on United last week, I have been on a plane 100 times, flying approximately 190,211 miles in the air. To put that into perspective, a flight from New York to LA is just under 2,500 miles each way. So I've flown the equivalent of 76 of those flights.

I suppose some people might think I'm bragging. Maybe I am. But the intent of this LCD blog is to journal all my experiences for when I'm old(er) and can't remember my travels as a youth and to disprove the conventional belief that traveling with kids is impossible. Remember, kids are blessings, not an excuse!

And since it's #TBT, here's a photo from Flight #1 from February 2012.


  1. I love this! My baby, who is now 11 months, is following in your footsteps. She hasn't flown as much as you but she has flown 20K last year.

  2. @Kae Chow - We love it! Keep it going!