Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally Frozen

After my mother and I missed the chance to see Elsa and Anna at Magic Kingdom the day before, my father was 100% determined to make sure his only daughter saw the one thing she wanted. So he blew off his work conference on Saturday morning and took us all to Disney Hollywood Studios where they had a live Frozen show.

Since we were staying inside Disney at the Swan Resort, we were able to hop on a free ferry boat that would take us to the entrance of DHS.

While it was a nice leisurely ride, we were in a rush to book our FastPass appointments for the Frozen show. Knowing time was of the essence, he told me to stay with my mother while he ran ahead to find a FastPass kiosk. Unfortunately, by the time he found a kiosk to reserve time slots, all the Frozen slots were taken.

Undaunted, my father, then ran over to the theater where they were having the "The Frozen Sing A Long Celebration" show and inquired about how likely it would be for us to get into the next show from the standby line. Since it was still pretty early, it looked very promising and he got in line while calling my mother to race over to join him.

As the doors opened, the crowds started to enter the theater. Suddenly, the line my father was in began to advance quickly towards the front doors. But my mother and I were no where in sight! Then at the last second, my father saw my mother and pulled me into line while my mother ran to park our stroller somewhere. We just made it!

The show had live characters from the movie and would show clips on the big screen while everyone in the audience would sing a long. It was pretty funny and I got to sing "Let It Go" with hundreds of other fans. I'm not sure, but I thought I saw my father tear up when he saw me so excited to sing.

Later on that day, we tried to go to some of the other rides/shows, but nap time and eating got in the way of the rigid FastPass schedule that had us at Disney Junior 2PM while I was fast asleep in my stroller. Plus the next reservation was for Star Tours where I wouldn't meet the 40" height requirement. Thanks dad for your short genes!

So when I woke up from my nap, my parents came up with the idea to get my face painted. While the price ($18) is hardly justifiable, my father wasn't about to let a few dollars stand in the way of his daughter's sheer happiness on her first trip to Disney.

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