Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wilderness Waterpark

Wilderness Waterpark is on the same resort property at Wyndham Glacier Canyon (WGC). We were staying at the timeshare condo portion of the resort (seen here as brown buildings at the top of the map here) while the other connected, buildings were more traditional hotel rooms.

But everything was part of the same complex so we had access to everything, including the indoor Wilderness Waterparks (seen here along the bottom half of the map). But if you know anything about drawing maps to scale, you'll see that things are pretty far from one another, separated by massive parking lots.

As it turned out, getting from WGC to WW was an adventure by itself. The resort is pretty massive and you have to do a fair share of walking through the hallways and a few elevator rides to get to your destination. From our room 8310 to the closest waterpark, I'd say it was a good 12-15 minute walk, but less if you ran the entire way like I did.


But eventually, you will start seeing other families and kids walking in the same direction, so you'll know you're heading the right way. And eventually, you'll feel the warm muggy air welcoming you to your indoor paradise! Here's some snapshots of the 1st waterpark and the giant wave pool. There is also another separate waterpark with a giant bucket that splashes everyone and more slides.

The good news is that the Wilderness Waterparks are open year round. The bad news is that when it's winter, everyone uses the indoor waterpark instead of the summer when people prefer the outdoor ones. So the place was pretty packed and crowded while we were there. In fact, we didn't even find a seat to keep our stuff while we were in the water. We had to find a dry corner on the floor to put our shoes and towels. But we didn't let that spoil our fun.

And if you're not in the mood for more waterparks after your first day, you'll have a lot of other dry activities to choose from including a massive arcade with more video games than you knew existed, a few different 3D/Glow in the dark mini golf courses, a massive treehouse/jungle gym, a sky ropes course, as well as laser tag!

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