Monday, May 18, 2015

Bad Forecast for KC

This upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, we're supposed to fly to Kansas City, Missouri to catch a KC Royals game at Kaufman Stadium.

For you new Lap Child Diary readers, one of my father's lifelong goals (in addition to having an amazing daughter) was to watch a baseball game at each Major League Baseball stadium.

Here's a few posts from the past few years after I was born: Miami Marlins (2012), Colorado Rockies (2013), Atlanta Braves (2014).

After last year's trip, we were only missing two - Target Field in Minneapolis (Minnesota Twins) and Kaufman Stadium (Kansas City Royals). However, since my father had already seen a game at the Metrodome (former stadium of the Twins) back in 2008, Kansas City was the last MLB city he hasn't visited.

A few weeks ago, we purchased tickets from (sort of like an Expedia search engine for event tickets). That weekend was the in-state rival series with the St. Louis Cardinals, so tickets were pretty tight (and expensive). Plus the KC Royals are the defending American League Champions in the 2014 World Series and currently in 1st place in their division, so a sell out was very likely. We paid $37/person for the three of us to sit in the upper deck (section 420).

Normally, we'd try for better seats, but this is the first year I had to have a paid ticket to go with my parents, so that definitely played a factor in our seat selection, as we didn't want to spend $200+ for a (non-Yankees) baseball game.

However, as we check the weather, we're getting a bit worried that there's a good chance (60% according to of a rain out on Sunday afternoon, which would really be disappointing considering the game was the primary reason for our trip there. I was starting to get pretty upset (being 3 years old and all).

That being said, my Asian father reminded me that 60% equates to a D- in school, so hardly meaningful. Plus, he's never been fond of weathermen. As he says, "I don't know of any other profession where you could be wrong so much of the time and still have a job."

That's my dad for you.

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