Friday, September 26, 2014

$5 off Shake Shack x 7

Madison Square Park is one of my family's favorite places to go. I frequent their playground quite often. And a big reason the park is on the map is thanks to Shake Shack, an extremely popular burger stand right in the middle of the park.

When the lines are reasonable, my parents and I try to get our Shackburger fix. It's not cheap by any means to feed a hungry family of 3 there, but American Express is making it a bit easier by offering a $5 statement credit when you use your Amex card and spend $15 at Shake Shack by November 17.

Part of my favorite things about having so many Amex cards is that they offer a lot of promotions where you can get statement credits for using your Amex card at specific merchants.

When you log into your American Express online account, you can see a tab called "Offers For You" where they list a bunch of these promotions. You just go through and hit the "Save Offer" button to accept the promotion and add it to your card account. Otherwise, you won't be eligible for the statement credit. However...
  1. Not everyone gets the same list of offers. 
  2. Not every Amex card on your profile has the same list of offers. 
  3. If you are lucky enough to have multiple Amex cards with the same offers, you're only supposed to get it on 1 Amex card. 
When you click on one "Save Offer" button, then that merchant promotion disappears from the other Amex cards on your profile. So you have to be careful about which Amex card you use for the promo.

BUT if you're sneaky, then a well known trick works to get the same merchant offer on multiple Amex cards. What you do is that you open multiple tabs in your browser and have each tab logged into a different Amex credit card. In my father's case, that would be a tab for his Starwood Amex, Starwood Business Amex, Hilton Amex and Everyday Amex.

Note the 4 Open Tabs
Then since each browser tab will be on a different card but showing the offer you want, you can now hit the "Save Offer" button on each tab and have each of your Amex cards eligible.

Fortunately for us, all 4 of my father's Amex cards had the Shake Shack offer as did all 3 of my mother's Amex cards. So we were able to sign up 7 of our Amex cards for the $5 off statement credit! Nice, huh?

But it's important to note that ONLY the primary card is eligible for the $5 statement credit. Meaning, if it's my mother's Amex Blue card (x1008), but my father is an secondary authorized user with his own card (x1102) on my mother's account, only my mother's primary card will work. We found out the hard way!

Realistically, we don't eat nearly enough Shake Shack food to take full advantage of our free $35. After all, we'd have to spend $105 there across 7 cards to get all our statement credits. But we'll probably go 1-2x in the next month and save a few bucks for just clicking a few buttons online.

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