Monday, September 23, 2013

United BusinessFirst Back Home

Flight #65 – United 91 
Tel Aviv (TLV) – Newark (EWR)
Sunday, September 22, 2013
Depart: 11:10PM / Arrive: 4:20AM (+1 Day)
Duration: 12hr 10min 
Aircraft: Boeing 777
Seat: 5A and 5B (BusinessFirst)
Earned: 0 miles (5,692 miles flown)
Cost: 100,000 miles + $44 taxes / person
Redemption Value: 2.8 cents / mile 
Lifetime Miles: 129,919 miles

After a great week with my extended family in Israel, we're back home and ready to get back to reality. My father's got his meetings and conference calls. My mother's starting some part time work this week. And I'm starting daycare/pre-school (3 days a week) tomorrow.

For the past 22+ months, I've been with my parents almost 24/7 with the occasional date night breaking my consecutive hour streak from time to time. Candidly, I could probably use a break from them, so I'm sort of looking forward to making some toddler friends at "school."

But at the same time, it does take me some time to warm up to new people (a trait I inherited from my mother), so I'm sure the first few days will be more emotionally demanding than I'm expecting. But don't worry, I'm not going to one of those crazy intense uber elite Manhattan pre-schools that you may have heard about. As my 30-something father says, "we're keeping it real" (as if people still use that expression) and going for an educationally oriented day care just a few blocks away from our apartment.

I suppose, insecure white some people say my academic trajectory could be severely derailed forever based on the course I set out when I'm 2 years old. But as my father likes to remind me, I'm half Asian so I'm gonna be pretty damn smart no matter what school I go to. And if I'm lucky enough to get my mother's looks (and height), then I'm hopefully not going to have to scramble for a last minute Senior Prom date like my father did back in the late 1990's.

As for our family travels, we're planning on staying local for the next few weeks (and by few, I mean 3). After all, Columbus Day is just around the corner...

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