Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chicago Baby Friends

We made it back to New York Sunday afternoon around 12PM after a short and uneventful flight into Newark.

Since it was a Sunday flight after a long weekend, my father thought about volunteering to get bumped to a later flight for two $150 United coupons ($300 ain't to shabby for a few hours at the airport), but decided we'd rather just get home. Fortunately for us, we got upgraded to first class before boarding started. It was a nice way to end a trip that started so horribly for my father.

But we got to spend a lot of time this weekend with my friends, Jack and Connor. Aside from a stuffed Chicago pizza dinner and hotel swimming on Wednesday night, we had a July 4th backyard BBQ on Thursday...

Then on Friday afternoon, we went downtown and walked down Michigan Avenue to explore Millennium Park and had dinner nearby at Chicago Park Grille.

Then on Saturday, we met up with my new friend Chase (2 years old) and his parents Matt and Casey in the West Town area of downtown Chicago where I learned how to play t-ball and show off my upper body strength.

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