Thursday, April 25, 2013

Planes, Trains and Automobiles...and Ferries

Wow, I'm exhausted.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were starting another month long trip starting with British Columbia, Canada.

The town we were going to (Prince Rupert) was so remote that it took a full day to get there given the inconvenient flight schedules from NYC.

While I did enjoy seeing a little of Vancouver this afternoon, being in transit for so long really took it out of my 18 month old body.

So here was our Wednesday (all times Eastern).

3:30AM - Wake up

4:30AM - Car pick up to take us to Newark Airport

5:00AM - Arrive at EWR and check in, but the Air Canada lounge was closed (ugh)

6:30AM - Board our flight to Vancouver

1:00PM - Land in Vancouver Airport and get interrogated by Canadian Immigration

2:00PM - Rest up in the Air Canada Lounge

3:00PM - Take Canada SkyTrain into Downtown to get a late lunch

6:00PM - Head back to Vancouver Airport

7:00PM - Returned to Air Canada Lounge

8:00PM - Board our flight to Prince Rupert

11:00PM - Land in Prince Rupert Airport (which is on another island from the actual town)

12:00AM - Board a bus that goes onto a ferry to Kaien Island

12:30AM - Check into our hotel

1:00AM - Have room service for dinner

So yeah, long day.

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